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Child Inclusive Practice

Child Consultation is a process that supports separated parents in hearing their child’s “voice” either during or after a separation. It assists parents in conflict to understand separation from their child’s perspective and to make decisions that keep their child’s emotional and developmental needs at the forefront, whilst rebuilding a new parental alliance for the years ahead.

Child consultation is a part of Family Dispute Resolution where parents make an agreement to have their child participate in a meeting with a child consultant. The child consultant is an experienced professional who specialised in working with children and young people whose parents have separated.

The Process

Through engagement and gentle assessment, the child consultant helps children and young people to explore their family relationships, identify the impact of parental conflict, and assists children in articulating their experience of the separation. For child consultation to be a meaningful experience for the child, all communication between the child consultant and child remain confidential, and the consultant will work with the child in formulating feedback and information that will assist their parents in their decision making.

The process of child consultation is not a full psychological assessment, but an assessment of how the child is experiencing their parent’s conflict and how their emotional environment is best supporting their growth and development. Further information about the process of Child Consultation can be provided by your practitioner.