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Family Business

Meetings with stakeholders of family businesses can be difficult and risky whether they are in the boardroom or in the living room; whether they are with family or with key non-family members and advisors. Such meetings can often begin casually and escalate into conflict. Or, they can be well planned but still not accomplish their intended purpose.

A Depth of Experience

The Mediation Collective believes that conflict in a family business is not about individual disagreements, but is systemic and requires a more comprehensive approach to managing not only the disputes, but the issues which connect these disputes. Our practitioners have the depth of experience and training to address the underlying structural and emotional issues which need to be addressed in order to support the important continuing relationships.

Our experienced advisors help stakeholders prepare and hold effective meetings and help them be better prepared for the inevitable impromptu meeting. The importance of being able to hold productive meetings while managing the inherent conflicts among stakeholders in a family business cannot be overstated. Meetings are how families get things done, how they grow relationships, and how they maintain alignment in their strategic goals and vision. Our practitioners help family members and stakeholders develop the skills to do just that.